Delivery - Shipping to a another state/new school?

Yes! This service is called a "Pull and Ship. It is recommended that you submit your request 4-5 days in advance of when you want them to ship out from our facility, to ensure they arrive on the date you need them. It can take 2-4 days to pull your boxes from deep storage and prep them for shipping with UPS, and another 3-5 days for them to arrive at your new location.

To provide you with an accurate price quote on the cost of shipping your storage items, we would need to pull the items from deep storage. There is a $30 packing fee for any item that was stored unboxed. If you have a bicycles in storage; you will need to purchase a box and ship it to our warehouse so we can pack it up for you.

Things to keep in mind:
*We are unable to ship large items such as a desk or mattress.
*Items such as mini fridges, desk chairs and bicycles can be very expensive to ship. Frieght cost for either of these items normally starts around $150-$200 and up.
*Make sure to review your inventory list. Some of the items you stored may cost more to ship then they are worth. If you would like us to discard these types of items simply send us an email providing premission to discard/donate those items while we are prepping everything else to ship out.
*If you choose to only pull some items to ship and have the rest delivered, there is a $50 partial pull and ship fee. This applies to the labor of having to pull everything from deep storage and putting it back.
Please note: If we pull your items from deep storage to work up a shipping quote and you then decide to extend your storage service, there will be a $50 service fee, along with any packing charges that apply.

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