Preparing your boxes for shipping

Packing your boxes with care will ensure that they make it to your final destination on time and damage-free.

- Make sure your packages do not exceed 50lbs and that you have distributed the weight evenly.

- Fragile items should be separated from each other, and from the corners, sides, top, and bottom of the box.

- Use recommended internal protection materials to safeguard your belongings.

- Recommended Materials: bubble wrap, packing peanuts, inflatable packaging and foam enclosures.

- Non-recommended Materials: clothing, blankets, towels, newspaper/newsprint, and pillows.

- Avoid packing valuables and perishables, such as: cash, jewelry liquids, food, candles or toiletries.

- Close your box securely by applying three strips of the provided packing tape to both the top and bottom of the box, so the three edge seams are tightly sealed.

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